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Multi-Disc Vacuum Filter In White Water Recycling System


    Multi-Disc Vacuum Filter In White Water Recycling System

    The disc vacuum filter is a solid-liquid separation device that uses vacuum as a filtering power to perform solid-liquid separation of the slurry. The machine adopts advanced technology such as filter disc guide frame guidance, variable speed stirring, reverse blower discharge, automatic centralized lubrication, etc. It is an excellent performance and reliable dewatering equipment. Multi-Disc Vacuum Filetr used in paper mill is mainly for separate the pulp and water, improve the consistency of pulp.


    The Structure Of Multi-Disc Vacuum Filter


    The multi-disk is mainly made of:
    tank body(SS304)
    upper cover(SS304)
    filter plate(SS304)
    distributing valve(SS304)
    pulp stripping device(SS304)
    flushing device(SS304)
    washing net device(SS304)
    transmission device and pulping device.


    Parameters Of Multi-Disc Vacuum Fiter


    Disc filter material: 304 stainless steel, reinforcing ribs for carbon steel
    Processing Capacity: 20m3/h
    Raw Material: Commercial Wood pulp
    Consistency of White Water: 0.02-0.06%
    Ash Consistency of White Water: ≤5%
    Degree of beating: 28°SR
    Pulp Consistency: 3%-5%
    Diameter of Disc: 2500 mm
    Quantity of Discs: four
    Distance of each disc: 300mm
    Filter area of each disc: 8.5㎡
    Installation filter area: 35㎡
    Main driving power: 5.5kw/frequency control
    Size(Length×Width×Height): 3885mm×3035mm×4168mm


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