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OCC Pulp Making Line Pulper


There are many different types of pulpers in the process of recycling OCC, like Drum Pulper, D Type Hydrapulper, Vertical Hydrapulper, etc. How to choose when recycling OCC to produce recycled paper?


The Difference of Pulper’s In The Process of Recycling OCC


Drum Pulper: used for large capacity OCC recycling pulping line to make kraft paper, corrugated paper or T-paper. The biggest capacity achieved 1800t/d, the smallest capacity no less than 80t/d. Large investment.


D Type Hydrapulper: apply to all kinds of raw material, with automatic slag device. Intermittent pulping. Pulping capacity is 30t/d -1200t/d. Small investment. A pulper that many customers will choose.


Vertical Hydrapulper: small capacity. The working principle is similar to D type hydrapulper. Low energy consumption.


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