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Overfeed High-speed Paper Rewinding Machine


overfeed high-speed paper rewinder machine

Overfeed high speed rewinder machine is mainly applied to put the original paper roll on the unwinding stand of the rewinder and rewinding it into final paper roll. According to the customer’s requirement, we list 1350 type rewinding machine specification as example.


Paper Rewinding Machine Specification

Base weight: 100-500g/m²
Paper trimmed width: 1350mm
Balance speed: 500m/min
Working speed: 350m/min
Diameter of the support roll: φ500mm
Maximum original paper roll diameter:φ1800mm
Maximum finished paper roll diameter: φ1800mm
Feeding type: overfeed
Lifting device: Hydraulic lift
Motor: 18.5KW


We supply different types of overfeed high speed rewinder machine according to your requirements, welcome to consult us for more details: