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Paper Board Making Machine Sizing Machine


    Paper Board Making Machine Sizing Machine

    Sizing machine of paper production machine is to help the paper pulp or cardboard has the ability to resist liquid (water, oil, steam, etc.) infiltration, diffusion properties, in order to ensure the contents will not be subject to water or moisture erosion.


    Paper and cardboard sizing degree test method

    Paper and cardboard sizing degree test method mainly contains ink scribing method, surface absorption gravimetric method, water absorption height method, weight gain after immersion in water, conductivity method, curl method, the contact angle method. The most commonly used test method is ink scribing and surface absorption gravimetric method.


    Ink scribing method 

    Ink scribing method is suitable to test the sizing degree of paper and cardboard,  to express it with the maximum width when using a standard ink and does not permeate and non-proliferation, the unit is mm. The wider the line, the higher the degree of sizing. In accordance with the national standard GB 460 “paper and paperboard sizing degree test method (ink scribing method)” test.