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Paper Machine Common Failures And Solutions


    paper machine common failures and solutions

    The paper making production line is pretty long, specification model is complex and much system, no matter which part is broken will cause halt production, then cause certain loss to enterprise. Here are the common failures and solutions of paper machine.


    Common Failures And Solutions Of Paper Machine


    1. Abrasion: The reasons include long-term contact with copper, pulp, felt, or forming paper wear parts and equipment. Other reason is the frequent movement between parts of spare parts, such as vacuum rolls, doctor blade, cylinder and vacuum pump etc.

    2. Lubrication: Under the influence of water, overload and high temperature, the lubrication oil is easy to evaporate, loss and aging, then cause bearing broken and wear. Therefore, it’s necessary to lubricated periodically.

    3. Machine fatigue: Heavy loading and continuous running machinery can cause fatigue damage. On the paper machine, because of some parts is restricted by the mechanical structure and operation principle, the design of the parts can’t have too big strength, avoid damage phenomenon, can use maintenance and technical measures to solve it.


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