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Paper Machine Doctor Blade


    Doctor blade is a kind of mechanical device commonly used in all kinds of paper machines. Doctor blade is divided into two types: one is a cleaning blade such as a roller (including wire part, press part roller, drying cylinder, calender roll, reeling roll). One type is a functional doctor blade, such as coating doctor blade, creping scraper, etc. In different part of paper machine,doctor blade plays a different role. High quality, high efficiency and wear-resistant.


    Importance Of Paper Machine Doctor Blade


    1.Press section:scratch water of felt
    2.Sizing section:scraping gum
    3.Dryer section:scratch scraps of paper


    Doctor blade needs to design according to paper machine trimmed width. Our professional engineer will according to your requirements to do that and furnish some advice about how to replace doctor blade or maintain. We can provide all high quality paper machine spare parts. Welcome to contact us for more details. Email address: