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Paper Machine Drying Part Dryer


    Paper Machine Drying Part Dryer

    The dryness of the wet paper before the drying after pressing is generally only 30 to 40%. Even in the new paper machine of the composite press, the dryness of the wet paper is only 40 to 50%. Therefore, it is necessary to evaporate moisture by means of the dryer to achieve paper needs to control the moisture requirement. The drying section of the paper machine is composed of one or more drying cylinders, and its equipment cost and power consumption are equal to or more than half of the entire paper machine, and steam consumption accounts for 5 to 15% of the production cost.


    The Features Of Paper Machine Dryer


    1. The paper machine dryer is a cylindrical body with cast-in caps at both ends. The dryer is mainly composed of a cylindrical cylinder, an end cap, a steam head, a steam inlet pipe, and a drainage siphon pipe, because the heating steam pressure increases, when the steam pressure exceeds 0.49 MPa(5kg/cm2), then use steel dryers. Normal dryers are single-layered, and steel dryers still have a sandwich dryer.


    2. After the cylinder is cast, the inner surface is machined and the outer surface is polished to be a mirror surface.


    3. There are several types of dryer diameters in general. China’s three series of specifications are: φ0.8m, φ1.0m, φ1.25m, φ1.5m four kinds, the shaft of the paper machine dryer cylinder is hollow, the steam shaft inside the drive shaft And condensate drain. The steam inlet pipe extends into the cylinder and is 0.8~1.0m away from the cylinder head. Eye holes are drilled around and at the top to distribute the steam heating dryer evenly.


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