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Paper Production Line Light Impurity Separator


    Paper production line Light Impurity Separator is a coarse screening treatment equipment, used to process light impurities and tailing pulp in the coarse screening stage in the waste paper pulping production line.
    Light Impurity Separator has the functions of gathering light impurities, loosening pulp, and removing heavy impurities in pulp.


    Light Impurity Separator adopts the upflow pulp feeding method, and uses the high-speed rotation of the rotor to generate a strong eddy current in the housing. Light impurities gather in the center of the eddy current and are discharged from the center port at the top of the housing. The fiber bundles and pulp masses are further decomposed between the bottom of the rotor and the screen plate, and the accepted pulp is discharged from the accepted pulp pipe through the screen plate. Heavy impurities are deposited in the sediment groove outside the screen plate and discharged through the sediment tank.


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