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Paper Pulper Hydrapulper Machine


    Waste paper breaking machine paper pulper D type hydrapulper can handle all raw materials of waste paper, such as LOCC, AOCC or wood pulp. The new D type hydrapulper equipped with automatic removal slag device, which can more efficiency to reduce pulping time and perfect remove slag ability.


    Features Of D Type Hydrapulper


    1. Material: Stainless steel or carbon steel in contact with slurry.
    2. Structure: D type structure changes slurry flow ways, enhance capacity, reduce pulping time. Intermittent beating.
    3. Device: Rotor is stainless steel, enhance service life. Adjustable gap between rotor and sieve plate ensures the pulping effect.
    4. Pulping system: when the hydrapulper work with D type continuous pulping system, large light heavy impurities can be rejected in time, reduce the following equipment burden, improve dealing capacity.


    D type hydrapulper, drum pulper, M.C.hydrapulper and other hydrapulper can be manufactured by Leizhan company. And Leizhan offer complete stock preparation line equipment. Tell me your requirements to know more details. Email address: