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Paper Sizing Effect And Paper Sizing Machine


    paper sizing effect and paper sizing machine

    Depends on the different requirement, paper sizing divided into internal sizing and surface sizing.
    Paper internal sizing: Internal sizing is in the beating or ingredients, the sizing agent mixed in the pulp, so that fiber adsorption gum, and then copied into paper.
    Paper surface sizing: Surface sizing is when paper is dry, spray the sizing agent on the already formed sheet, improve paper hydrolytic resistance, and improve it’s hardness and strength.


    What Are The Features Of Neutral Sizing?


    1. Reduce the corrosion of equipment, prolong it’s service life;
    2. Improve the strength of paper, prevent deterioration, extend the use and retention time;
    3. The whiteness and opacity of calcium carbonate can be used as filler to improve the sofeness of paper, bulk and printing adaptability;
    4. White water PH is high, no accumulation of sulfate, improve white water reuse rate, easy to achieve white water enclose recycle, reduce the pollution.


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