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Paper Winding Machine Maintain


    paper winding machine

    Paper winding machine is the first set equipment after paper machine, by the paper roll it’s weight and cold cylinder rotating friction drive the paper from winding machine uniform winding, so paper reeling machine makes paper more evenly, can satisfy the needs of different paper. But it always appear local damage phenomenon because casting defects, internal stress and overload operation, etc.


    How To Maintain Paper Winding Machine?


    The common way is adopt welding, but weld always result spare parts thermal deformation or thermal stress, especially thin-wall part. Point at above questions, in developed countries, polymer composite materials are used for on-site repair. It is a kind of “cold welding” technology, can avoid deformation and thermal stress, and materials good adhesion, stress resist, anti-corrosion, etc comprehensive properties. Can maximum satisfy the demand of various equipment components, thus effectively guarantee the production under the lowest cost inputs. Compare with traditional method, this way don’t need to disassembly the machine, maintain on-site, low maintain cost and short period.


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