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Pressure Screen Baskets


pressure screen baskets

Pressure Screen Basket is an important part for pressure screen machine, the quality of pressure screen basket can directly influence the screening efficiency, screen quality and it’s service life. Inflow Pressure Screen also equipped with pressure screen basket but has different structure with Mid Consistency Pressure Screen.


Pressure Screen Baskets Features


Classify: Slot/Hole/Bar pressure screen baskets
Material: 304/316 stainless steel, 0.2mm hard chromium plating on surface.
304: High temperature resistence: 800°C, good working performance, high toughness.
316: Add Mo element, improve it’s corrosion and high temperature resistence, high temperature resistence can reach 1200-1300°C.
Advantages: Smooth surface, don’t hang pulp, exquisite welding, long service life.

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