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Pulp Approaching Paper Machine Headbox


    Pulp Approaching Paper Machine Headbox

    The headbox is known as the “heart” of the paper machine. It is a key component of the paper machine. It is the hub connecting the two parts of “approaching” and “forming”. It is also one of the fastest growing parts on the paper machine. The basic task of the headbox is to provide a good precondition for sheet forming, that is, to uniformly distribute the paper stock along the width direction of the paper machine, to ensure uniform pressure distribution, uniform speed distribution, uniform flow distribution, uniform density distribution, and fiber orientation controllability and uniformity; Effectively disperse pulp fibers to prevent fiber flocculation, and provide and maintain a stable sizing head and pulp web speed ratio according to process requirements. Leizhan produce high quality and good performance headbox for paper mill, the advantages as below.


    Paper Machine Headbox Advantages


    (1) A paper sheet of uniform and stable basis can be produced, and no longitudinal flow occurs on the paper web;
    (2) The lip area of the headbox should be unaffected by pressure, temperature and lip opening to ensure uniform distribution of the banner;
    (3) Don’t appear the phenomenon of hanging pulp and attached pulp;
    (4) It is easy to keep the inside of the box clean;
    (5) The speed ratio of the pulp network is controllable.


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