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Pulp Screening Machine


    Pulp Screening Machine

    Pulp screening machine used in paper mill is mainly in charge of pulp coarse and fine screening in screening system. In paper making process, first is waste paper pulping, then is High Density Cleaner cleaning, and next is pulp screening. MC.Pressure Screen, Vibrating Screen, Light Impurity Separator, Inflow Pressure Screen, pulp reject separator, etc all used in pup screening system, but the screening effect is different.


    Pulp Screening Equipment In Screening System


    Mid Consistency Pressure Screen: Coarse and fine screening of various waste paper pulp, mainly used to separate the relief the fibers;
    Light Impurity Separator: The tailing from MC.Pressure Screen flow into “apple screen”, used for remove the heavy impurities in pulp tailing, reduce fiber loss;
    Reject Separator(Vibrating Screen): The same as pulp screening machine Light Impurity Separator, this is a tailing dealing device, the tailing from “apple screen” flow into pulp Reject Separator or Vibrating Screen, used to separate the light impurities in the tailing, such as small plastics, etc, and the fine pulp return to Mid Consistency Pressure Screen.


    Pulp screening equipment is crucial in paper making process, cause if not dealing well in this stage, the fiber loss will increase and the cost of whole project will greatly increase. We manufacture high quality and long service life pulp screening machine, pulping equipment, cleaning machine and refining machine, welcome to consult us if you have any need: