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Recycled Paper Kraft Paper Production Machine


    Recycled Paper Kraft Paper Production Machine

    Generally speaking, recycled paper include OCC, AOCC, EOCC, etc. Depending on the fiber length, they can be used as raw materials to produce the top and bottom layers of kraft paper. Here are details about kraft paper top and bottom production machine.


    Kraft Paper Production Line Machine


    Raw material: AOCC and waste paper
    Production capacity: 120t/24h
    Chain conveyor: width=1400mm, conveying capacity: 120-200t/d, length=20m
    D type hydrapulper: 15m³, h=10mm, C=3-5%;
    High density cleaner: Q=4500-5800L/min, C=3.0~5.0%, P= 0.2~0.5MPa
    1st Stage Coarse Screen: A=1.21m², Φ2.4mm, C=3.0-4.0%
    Reject Separator: Φ380mm,Φ=4.5mm, C=1.5%
    1st Stage Low Density Cleaner: 600l/min, C=1.0~1.2%
    1st Stage Fine Screen:A=2.27m², C=1.0-1.2%
    Double Disc Refiner:Φ660mm, C=3~5%
    Inflow pressure screen before paper machine:A=1.8m², C=0.4~0.6%
    Pulp Chest Agitator:Φ850mm, suitable for a volume of 80~100m³, C=3~5%


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