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Recycled Paper Pulping Drum Pulper


    Pulp processing line drum pulper mainly used for continuous gentle pulping all kinds of waste paper, like newspapers, industrial cardboard paper and mixed waste paper. Drum pulper division pre-soaking area, high consistency pulping area and screening area. Drum pulper can continuous pulp and preliminary screen, simplify process.


    Pulping Process of Drum Pulper


    1. The waste paper raw materials are first sent to the pre-soaking area by the conveyor, and the waste paper is soaked in water.
    2. The slurry enters the high-concentration pulping area. At a concentration of 14%-20%, with the rotation of the drum, the waste paper is picked up by the lifting grid on the inner wall, rises to a certain height, and then falls. When the waste paper in the pulping area is hit repeatedly, it will be dissociated into single fibers under the gentle disintegration action of shear and friction.
    3. The pulp enters the screening area from the pulping area. A flushing water pipe is installed above the screening area. Once the pulp enters the screening area, it is washed and diluted, and the pulp concentration drops to about 3%-4%. Entering the slurry tank, the coarse impurities are blocked by the sieve plate, and are left in the screening area for continuous elutriation, and finally discharged from the slag discharge port at the end of the drum.


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