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Shoe Shine Paper Making Machine


    shoe shine paper making machine

    Shoe shine paper is widely used in our daily life, Leizhan as professional paper pulp making machine manufacturer. We supply the complete set of shoe shine paper making line, which can produce the best quality pulp and then get high quality shoe shine paper.


    Shoe Shine Pulp Making Equipment


    Raw material: Waste cotton, sulfate wood pulp, waste paper pulp, etc.
    Shoe shine paper making capacity: Depends on your demand.
    Shoe shine pulp making equipment: Waste paper and other raw material conveying system, shoe shine paper pulping system, cleaning system( High Density Cleaner, Low Density Cleaner ) then conveying the pulp to shoe shine wet paper board making machine, and then made by cardboard pressing machine through squeezed and dried.


    We Supply the all kinds of paper pulp making line and paper making machine, except shoe shine paper, include testliner/fluting/tissue/cultural/coating paper making line, either you want to start paper making new business or want to upgrade your pulping line, welcome to consult us for more details, we will provide the best and professional solution for you. Email: