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Small Scale Paper Machine


    Small Scale Paper Machine

    Many paper making friends leave message to us inquiry about the price of paper machine(toilet tissue kraft testliner corrugated fluting cultural, etc). The price of paper machine and paper mill equipment depends on many factors, such as the raw material you use, paper making plant capacity, the final paper quality you want, etc. We main supply the full production line of paper machine from small scale paper machine to big capacity paper machine. The small capacity paper machine details of every kinds of paper machine as following parameters as reference.


    Small Range Paper Machine Information


    Smallest kraft testliner paper machine: 1880mm, 80gsm, 45t/d;
    Smallest corrugated fluting paper machine: 1575mm, 60gsm, 15t/d;
    Smallest cultural paper making machine: 1880mm, 40gsm, 20t/d;
    Smallest toilet tissue living paper machine: 1575mm, 13gsm, 5t/d;
    Smallest coating board paper machine: 2400mm, 200gsm, 200t/d;
    Smallest round net yarn tuber paper machine: 1575mm, 350gsm, 50t/d;


    We manufacture the complete set of small scale paper making plant machine, from the stock preparation line to paper roll rewinder, all equipment adopt the best quality spare part, which is high efficiency and low energy consumption, any more details, welcome to consult us. Email: