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Stainless Steel Drum Pulper


    stainless steel drum pulper


    Different customer has different requirement for paper machine they need, such as Drum Pulper. Drum Pulper in paper making line is used for continuous gentle pulping and automatic deslagging. Common drum pulper only pulping area is made of stainless steel. Some paper mill has higher requirement to the raw material, the picture above is whole stainless steel.


    The Advantages For Stainless Steel Material


    Some of our customer require the whole drum pulper made of stainless steel, which prolong it’s service life and reduce the maintain cost, improve the user experience.


    Compare with D Type Hydrapulper, tons of paper power consumption is lower; save manpower resources because of continuous and automatic impurities discharge; almost no quick-wear part.


    Drum Pulper production capacity is from 80-1400t/d, therefore, if you have bigger demand, Drum Pulper is a better choice. Contact us: