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Testliner Kraft Paper Making Machine


    testliner kraft paper making equipment

    Leizhan paper machinery count the paper maker clients demands according to the sales status these years. The result is testliner/kraft paper making machine is more and more popular. And then we want to know why? The reasons we surveyed are as below:

    1. Widely Applications: For example: cement, food, chemicals, consumer goods, flour bags, etc.
    2. Environmental Protection: Compare with plastic bags, kraft paper is more beautiful and environmental.
    3. Leizhan Competitive Advantages: With the development of more than 35 years, the technology and paper machine material in leizhan is increasingly mature. Most regular customer will shake hands with Leizhan again when they plan to have a new project. Low investment and high reward is our insist pursuit.

    Specification Of Kraft/Testliner Paper Making Machine

    Output Product: Kraft/Testliner Paper
    Trimmed Width: 1880-5800mm
    Basis Weight: 80-220g/m²
    Operating Speed: 150-800m/min
    Production Capacity: Depends on your different needs.

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