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Testliner Paper Machine Make Paper Box


testliner paper machine make paper box

Here is a case, one of our customer is a paper box maker, after been in this industry for many years, he decide to make the original paper kraft testliner paper by theirselves, which is security, higher return and low cost. We supply the small and medium capacity testliner paper making machine, the small one is mainly suitable to the paper maker who is beginner, small budget and simple dealing process.


Small Capacity Kraft Testliner Paper Making Machine


Paper machine type: Testliner paper machine to make paper box
Raw material: LOCC, waste carton, AOCC
Capacity range: 150-200t/d
Trim width: 3800mm-4200mm
Basis weight range: 90-270gsm
Supply scope: The complete testliner paper making line include recycle plant, stock preparation, approach flow, paper winder, wrapping machine


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