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The Role Of Drum Screen In The Pulping Line


Drum Screen is mainly used for waste paper pulping, remove the large light impurities in waste paper pulping line, which has advantages of good screen effect, low power consumption, simple structure, convenient to repair. Apart from this, its can guarantee high purity of impurities and less fiber loss. The continuous impurity-removing system consisting of drum screen, D type hydrapulper and other pulping equipment are used in many countries. We are professional manufacturer of pulping equipment.


Structure Principle Of Drum Screen


Drum screen is composed of screen drum, box, gear adjustable-speed motor, spray pipe,etc. There are helical blade within screen drum, which has the conveying effect for impurities. The light containing with stock enter screen drum from inlet mouth, with the effect of gravity, fine pulp discharges with screen hole from fine pulp mouth. The light impurities was conveyed to screen drum tail and discharged by the helical blade within drum screen. Water spray system is installed in the two sides screen drum’s inside. On the one hand clean the slurry within impurities, on the other hand wash the screen drum and keep the screen hole fluent.


How To Maintenance Drum Screen?


▲Periodically lubricate equipment, every three month oil lubricating grease once,clean and change oil once every year.
▲Regular check bearing seal, change seal in time when discover oil leak phenomenon.
▲Regular check spray pipe, dredge it in time when discover blocking.
▲Every two years totally clean and check once.


Drum screen plays an important role in paper pulping line. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact with me. Email address: