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The Selection Of Doctor Blade In Wire/Press Section


    the selection of doctor blade in wire press section

    The Doctor Blade in paper machine wire section and press section is to remove the water, pulp, paper on roll’s surface, but how to choose a high quality doctor blade for paper mill?


    How To Choose Doctor Blade?


    1. Because of there is too much water, according to the different material of rolls, can adopt respectively HDPE, Makrolon, Phenolic resin with cotton fiber, stainless steel material, etc.
    2. The angle of Doctor Blade is around 25, HDPE doctor blade mainly used in paper machine wire section, press section rolls, the thickness is between 5-6ram in general. Temperature resistence is no more than 85°C.
    3. Shoe press roller blade main function is to remove the oil stain in shoe set, except require certain strength and hardness for doctor blade, oil resistivity is also an important factor, always choose Makrolon
    4. Granite roll most adopt stainless steel doctor blade, wire section, press section’s steel roll and hard rubber roller use phenolic resin with cotton fiber, temperature resistence reach 130°C.