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Upgrade Old Paper Production Line Machine


One of our customers decided to upgrade old kraft paper production line and ordered pulping machine from our company. Our technical engineer made a upgrade plan and on the basis of the original production line, the purpose of small fiber loss and low consumption is realized.


Main Equipment Data of Upgrade Old Paper Production Line


Chain conveyor: 1800mm
D type hydrapulper: 550t/d
Nominal volume of grapple: 0.2㎡
Ragger: 7.5KW
Hydrapurger: 160KW
Drum screen: 2000mm
High density cleaner: 4000-4500l/min
Coarse screen: 110KW
Light impurity separator: 75KW
Reject separator: 35-45t/d


The upgrading of the old paper project production line is chosen by more and more customers, because with the advancement of technology, the pulping machine are innovated from generation to generation, and the effect will be better and energy saving will be saved. Welcome to contact us for more details. Email address: