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Waste Paper Bale Breaker In Paper Mill


    Paper mill Bale Breaker mainly used for waste paper bales breaking and selecting. Our Bale Breaker adopted dry screening technology, which can effectively remove impurities such as glass, gravel, iron nails, etc. To removal impurities can reduce wear to the following equipment, such as: pulper, pressure screen or pulp refiner. High capacity, high quality and improving pulping efficiency.


    Advantages of Paper Mill Bale Breaker


    1. Disperse the densely packed waste paper into sheets to reduce the amount of forklifts, remove light and heavy impurities and reduce subsequent equipment wear.


    2. Add a prepreg spray device to prepreg and spray waste paper in advance to improve the efficiency of subsequent pulping equipment.


    3. Improve the internal spiral structure, reduce the working time of raw materials in the bulk charter, and improve work efficiency.


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