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What Is Paper Pulping Process?


    What Is Paper Pulping Process

    Paper Pulp Process Machine

    The paper pulping process consist of conveying, pulping, cleaning, screening and so on. In each stage, Leizhan provides specially machine to optimize the working efficiency.

    The paper pulp process is:
    Waste Paper-Chain Conveyor-Drum Pulper-High Density Cleaner-Pulp Chest-Mid Consistency Coarse Screen-Fiber Separator-Reject Separator-Mid Density Cleaner-Low Density Cleaner-First Fine Screening-Second Fine Screening-Finished Pulp Chest

    Paper Pulp Machinery Price & Manufacturer

    Leizhan devotes itself to produce high cost-effective paper making machine. Generally, the machine price is settled by the machine type and production capacity and the machine number practically installed.

    As one of the most professional paper making machine manufacturer, Leizhan has supplied more than hundred paper production lines to paper mill around world and has accumulated positive experience in providing single paper making machine or whole set paper production line, including kraft paper, corrugated paper, culture paper, tissue paper, coating board paper and so on.