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What Is Thickness Of Each Gram Of Kraft Paper




    022A Australian yellow kraft paper: 40g, 0.06mm
    011A Japanese white kraft paper: 60g, 0.07mm; 80g, 0.10mm; 100g, 0.12mm; 120g, 0.15mm; 150g, 0.18mm; 180g, 0.23mm
    011B Homemade white kraft paper: 80g, 0.23mm; 100g, 0.12mm; 120g, 0.14mm;
    007D Kraft paper: 80g, 0.15mm;
    007B Kraft paper:80g, 0.15mm;
    022 Pure wood pulp: 80g, 0.15mm;
    033 Exquisite kraft paper: 80g, 0.11mm; 100g, 0.13mm; 150g, 0.18mm;
    012B Swedish lined kraft paper: 145g, 0.20mm; 175g, 0.24mm;
    034 Russian kraft paper: 130g, 0.20mm; 150g, 0.25mm; 180g, 0.28mm;
    036 American B brand craft paper: 140g, 0.22mm;
    044 American Huasong cattle cardboard: 205g, 0.30mm; 250g, 0.33mm; 300g, 0.45mm; 350g, 0.47mm; 450g, 0.60mm