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White Water Usage In Paper Mill


    White Water Usage In Paper Mill

    White water is waste water in paper making process, it comes from the paper making process in paper making workshop. White water mainly consist of small fiber, fillers, coating and dissolved timber composition, White water mainly contains fine fibers, fillers, coatings and dissolved wood components, as well as added rubber compounds, wet strength agents, preservatives, etc, which are mainly insoluble COD, have low biodegradability, the preservative added thereto with certain toxic.


    White water has a large amount of water, but its organic pollution load is much lower than that of cooking black liquor and middle-stage wastewater. Almost all paper mills now use partial or fully enclosed systems to reduce paper consumption, save power, increase white water reuse, and reduce excess white water emissions.


    The Recycle And Usage Of White Water


    1. Thick white water: Discharge from wire roll part, high fiber content, used to diluted pulp on paper machine, improve the quality of paper, such as improve the paper evenness, reduce air permeability, etc;


    2. Thin white water: Discharge from vacuum suction box, vacuum couch roll, less fiber content, can sent to pulping, washing or diluting pulp, etc.


    In this way, white water in paper mill can recycle part of fillers and small fibers, some fillers are fixed in paper after few time recycling, the loss of fillers are increasing with the loss of white water. Making full use of white water, is one important way to improve filler retention.


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