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Why Not Recommend D Type Continuous Pulping Systems in Pulping Lines


    D type continuous pulping are still widely used in many waste paper recycling lines. Complete D type consumption pulping system machine included D type hydrapulper, drum screen, ragger, rope cutter, hydrapurger, sediment well, grapple. Why not recommend D type continuous pulping systems in pulping lines? We can tell you the reason.


    Disadvantages of D Type Continuous Pulping System


    1. Using hydrapulper pulping, the high-speed rotating rotor drives the water flow to have a very large shear force, which can cause damage to recycled fibers and impurities. When making corrugated paper and cardboard paper, using LOCC raw materials, it is difficult to improve the paper index and strength.
    2. In particular, the rotor needs to be repaired once a month or so, and needs to be replaced in about half a year. Once the maintenance is not timely, the waste will be inestimable.
    3. The annual cost of electricity, labor, and consumable parts is too high.
    4. The heavy impurities broken in the pulper will cause wear to subsequent equipment, pulp pumps and pipelines, reducing the service life.
    5. Broken light impurities will increase the pressure of subsequent rough screening and fine screening, reducing the quality of finished products.


    Compared with d type continuous pulping system, we recommend drum pulper in waste paper recycling line. Welcome to contact us for more details. Email address: