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10T/D Toilet Paper Making Plant



    Plant introduction:

    Raw material: 100% Wood pulp

    End products: High grade Toilet tissue paper

    Production capacity: 10T/D

    Line: The whole toilet paper making plant contains wood pulp processing line and toilet paper making machine

    Key equipments: Vertical hydrapulper,  High density cleaner, Inclined screen, Claflin refiner, Double disc refiner, Pulp pump


    100% Wood pulp processing line

     1. To convey the wood pulp into Vertical hydrapulper for pulping is the first step.

    2. Then, High density cleaner will be used to remove heavy impurity in wood pulp.

    3. Next, Inclined screen will be used for washing and thickening of wood pulp.

    4. After that, pulp refining system equipment Claflin refiner and Double disc refiner will be used for cutting fiber and improve beating degree of pulp.


    2200mm Toilet Paper Machine

    Dryer Cylinder
    Pressure Former
    Wire Frame
    Drum Roll
    Horizontal Reeling Machine
    Pressure Roll
    Rubber Covered Roll
    Flat Box (Inlaid ceramic panel)
    Tighten Blanket,Guide Device
    Doctor Blade (Soft doctor blade)
    Shower Pipe
    Washing Felt Tank,Water Pan, Felt Beater
    Mechanical Driving
    Motor, Electric Control Cabinet(71.5KW)
    Operating Platform, Air Hood