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16Tpd Toilet Paper Machine


Toilet paper and napkins are closely related to our lives and accompany us every day. Leizhan supply complete toilet napkin paper production line machine from raw material pulping machine to final toilet napkin paper rewinding machine. Here are main specifications of 16Tpd toilet paper machine.


Main Specifications of 16Tpd Toilet Paper Machine


Raw material: virgin pulp, waste books or newspapers
Trimmed width: 3600mm
Working speed: 220-250m/min
Design speed: 300m/min
Production capacity: 16t/d
Toilet paper machine gauge: 4700mm


Toilet paper rolling machine also can be processed into facial tissue paper, handtowel paper, kitchen paper. Do you know how to choose raw materials to make toilet paper or complete set toilet paper plant cost? Contact us for more details. Email address: