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17Tpd Toilet Paper Machine


    As the customer requires, our professional engineers designed 3500mm toilet paper machine for making daily capacity 17t/d toilet paper. This toilet paper machine adopts the sizing in the form of positive sizing, which is mainly composed of fabric washing, wire part, drying part, reeling, transmission. This equipment has the characteristics of fast speed and good paper quality, etc.


    Main Technical Specifications of 17t/d Toilet Paper Machine


    Trimmed width: 3500mm
    Basis weight: 13-30g/㎡
    Working speed: 200m/min
    Design speed: 230m/min
    Production capacity: 17t/d
    Gauge: 4600mm
    Outline dimension: 13000mm×7000mm×6000mm
    Installed capacity: 86KW


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