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25T/D White Shavings Processing for Tissue Making


    25T/D White Shavings Processing for Tissue Making

    Raw material: White shavings, wood pulp

    Production capacity: 25T/D

    End-products: High quality tissue paper

    Line: 25T/D White shavings processing line for tissue making

    Main equipment: D type hydrapulper, High density cleaner, Conical refiner, Double disc refiner, Inflow pressure screen


    White shavings pulping line

    1. Pulping: White shavings will be conveyed into D type hydrapulper for pulping.
    2. Cleaning: High density cleaner will be used for cleaning heavy contaminates from the pulp.

    3. Washing: Inclined thickner can be used for pulp washing and thickening.

    4. Refining: Conical refiner, Double disc refiner will be used for cutting long fiber into short fiber, suitable for making paper.

    5. Finally, Inflow pressure screen before paper machine will be used for fine screening of the pulp.


    Technical data of 2600mm Tissue paper manufacturing machine

    Production ratio: 13-40g/m2

    Net of paper width: 2600mm

    Working speed: 500m/min

    Design speed: 600m/min

    Capacity: 25t/d