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2850mm Kitchen Towel Paper Machine


    2850mm Kitchen Towel Paper Machine

    Kitchen paper is a special paper towel for the kitchen. It is larger than ordinary paper towels, thicker and has good water and oil absorption. One of our customers ordered 2850mm kitchen towel paper machine from our company.


    Kitchen towel paper is clean, hygienic, easy to use and has a wide range of uses. It is the best choice for many families. Build a kitchen towel paper making mill to achieve high profits.


    Basic Parameters of 2850mm Kitchen Towel Paper Machine


    Type of paper machine: single wire, single felt, crescent former
    Raw material: Commercial bleached wood pulp
    Basis weight: 11-30g/㎡
    Production capacity: 55t/d
    Working speed: 120m/min
    Design speed: 1300m/min
    Balance speed: 1400m/min
    Wrinkle ratio: 0-35%


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