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35 Tons Tissue Napkin Making Machine


    tissue napkin making machine

    Tissue paper making machine can be used to make high grade toilet paper, hand towels, napkin and facial paper. Here take the 35 t/d tissue paper machine as example.


    2850 Tissue Making Machine Details

    Paper Kinds: High-grade toilet paper, hand towels and tissue paper
    Applicable Pulp:Wood pulp, waste paper pulp etc.
    Capacity: 35tons per day
    Base weight range: 13-25g/㎡
    Trimmed Width:2850mm
    Operating Speed: 750m/min (linear speed of dryer)
    Design Speed: 830m/min(linear speed of dryer)
    Crepe Ratio: 25%
    Track Gauge:3800mm
    Transmissions Type: Sectional drive, ac frequency converter control
    Installed Power: 654kw, Operational power: 620kw, Transmission Power: 192kw.


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