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3500mm Toilet Tissue Paper Making Machine


    Toilet tissue paper, facial tissue, and napkins are all household papers, and their use rate in life is extremely high. So more and more customers are entering the toilet tissue paper production industry. 3500mm toilet tissue paper making machine has advantages of low investment, simple pulping process and hot selling compared with packaging paper production machinery. Unit 3500mm toilet tissue paper making machine line from pulping to paper reeling.


    3500mm Toilet Tissue Paper Machine Main Details


    Wood pulp: wood pulp
    Paper grade: toilet tissue paper
    Trimmed width: 3500mm
    Basis weight: 13-30g/m²
    Production capacity: 17t/d
    Working speed: 200m/min
    Design speed: 230m/min
    Gauge: 4600mm
    Install capacity: 86KW


    The Final product toilet tissue paper roll can be cut into facial tissue paper, napkin paper and kitchen towel,etc. Are you going to change the paper grade to produce toilet paper based on the original pulp line? We can provide complete technical solution in the process. Welcome to consult me more details, whatever start paper making business or change paper production line. Email address: