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80t Waste Paper Deinking Pulping Line


    Many customers with limited budget will choose to use waste paper as raw material to produce cultural paper, toilet paper. In order to produce high-quality paper, deinking equipment must be used in the paper production line. According to the customer’s requirements of 80t waste paper deinking pulping line, our professional engineer designed proposal. Waste paper deinking line machine as below.


    Waste Paper Deinking Line Machine


    Raw material: 100% old newspapers and writing paper
    Output paper: culture paper
    Capacity: 80t/18h
    Chain Conveyor: conveying Width:1400mm, Total convey Plate Length: 26m
    Drum Pulper: Ø2750mm, C=3~5%
    High Density Cleaner: Q=4500~5800l/min, C=3~5%, P= 0.2~0.5MPa
    Middle Consistency Coarse Screen: A=0.91㎡, h=1.8mm, C=3~4%
    Reject Separator:Ø380mm, C=1~2%, Ø4mm
    Low Density Cleaner: 400l/min, C=1.0%
    Middle Consistency Fine Screen: A=2.27m², f=0.15mm, C=0.9~1%
    High-speed Stock Washer: L=2000mm, C=0.8~1%
    Screw Press Washer: D=600mm, C=10~14%
    Double Disc Refiner: D=600mm, C=3~5%
    Inflow Pressure Screen: A=1.8m², s=0.3mm, C=0.4~0.6%


    If you have an idea use waste writing paper as raw material to make culture paper or toilet tissue paper, welcome to consult us for more details about waste paper deinking line machine. Email address: