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80T/D Toilet Production Line


    toilet production line

    Toilet paper is always in high demand in higher demand compare with other paper, here are the details about 80t/d toilet paper production line.


    Toilet Paper Making Line


    Here this toilet paper production line mainly use waste paper, wood pulp as raw material, the production capacity is 80 tons per day. The toilet paper processing line as following: Wood pulp board→High Consistency Hydrapulper→High frequency Vibrating Screen→Pulp Pump→High Efficiency Double Disc Refiner→Pulp Pump→Thickener→Agitator→Pulp Pump→Agitator→Pump Pump→Centrifugal Screen→Pulp Pump→Impurity Cleaning Machine→2400 Single Cylinder Single Wire High Speed Toilet Paper Making Machine→Toilet Paper Reeling Machine→Rewinder


    We support the different capacity toilet paper production line use different raw material, welcome to consukt us if you have any need: