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Cellulose Paper Production Line


Cellulose Paper Production Line

Cellulose paper is a solid insulation material used in electricians. There are vegetable fiber papers and synthetic fiber papers, usually made by impregnating insulating liquid or insulating paint and glue. Cellulose paper is used in the production of non-woven products, insulating paper, napkins, disposable sanitary paper series or disposable garments, and medical papers. And such as wallpaper, map paper, multi-layer cardboard, battery separator and so on. We provide high quality and cheap cellulose paper production line machine, the details as below.


Cellulose Paper Making Machine


Model: 1575mm, 1760mm, 2200mm, 2500mm, 2800mm
Max parrent roll width: 1750 2000 2150 2400 2700
Max.parent roll diameter: Standard φ1100mm unless otherwise specified
Qty of unwind stand: 3 stands (pls specify when order)
Core inner dia.of parent roll: Standardφ3′ (76.2mm) unless otherwise specified
Data setting: PLC
Operate speed: 80-150m/min
Outer dia.of finished log: φ90-135mm
Core inner dia.of finished log: φ25-50m
Mechanical driving: Driving by Stepless gear box
Air -system: 3HP air compressor, min. pressure 5kg/cm2pa ( provide by user)


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