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Common Problems In Paper Making


    common problems in paper making

    There are many problems will appear in paper making process to influence paper’s final quality. If we want to find the root of problem, then need to clear and definite that the problems.


    A: Certain paper disease characteristics: hole, crack, pinpoint, millrows, etc.
    B. Confirm the frequency:
    1. Continuously appear prove that should be system problems, rotary rolls, pump impeller, etc;
    2. Appeared occasionally is the question of additive or preparation part;
    3. Sporadically appear is the fall of aggregates;
    4. New appear problems: should check operating parameters, add methods and additive amount, equipment, employee, etc.
    5. Seasonal emergence: maybe is the problems of resin or microbial growth;
    6. Appear regularly: wire or felt question, or something drop on the paper.
    C. Paper disease position or shape:
    Paper’s above or bottom: paper disease appear after sheet forming.
    1. In the inner of paper: maybe is the pulp problem;
    2. Limited in paper machine’s operation or transmisson side: Confirm is occasionally or repeated emergence;
    3. Limited in the middle of paper machine: Confirm is occasionally or repeated emergence;
    4. Only emergence when repeats vertically: Confirm the distance of paper disease.