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Crescent Former Tissue Paper Machine


Nowadays, living paper plays an important role in human life. Especially, with the
improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for them has increased year by
year. At present,many high speed crescent former tissue paper manufacturer adopted
virgin pulp as raw material, become virgin pulp is very clean, just use a few pulping

Tissue Paper Machine Pulping Equipment

Chain conveyor: convey virgin pulp to middle consistency hydrapulper
Middle consistency hydrapulper: water and wood pulp are thoroughly mixed
High density cleaner: Remove impurities
Double disc refiner: refining slurry ,improve beating degree
Inflow pressure screen: convey slurry and screening

Leizhan can supply complete pulping equipment in crescent former tissue paper machine
pulping line,and we have professional engineer according to your requirements to design.
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