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Drum Pulper And D Type Hydrapulper


    drum pulper and d type hydrapulper

    Drum Pulper And D Type Hydrapulper pulping machine are both used for continuous pulping and coarse screening of waste paper under high consistency in paper pulping process. Can gently pulp and uttermost maintain the physical property of fiber.

    Difference In Drum Pulper And D type Hydrapulper

    Raw material

    Drum Pulper pulping machine is mainly used for OCC and LOCC, also for Packing Paper, Culture Paper and Toilet Paper, it can gentle pulping, low damage to impurities and high efficiency of deslagging, reduce the following equipment burden.

    D Type Hydrapulper almost can used for all raw materials with smaller production capacity compare with Drum Pulper, but Lower equipment investment under the same capacity than Drum Pulper.

    Pulping consistency

    The Working Consistency of Drum Pulper is from 14% to 18%.

    D Type Pulping Machine’s working consistency is 3%-5%.

    Competitive Advantages

    Leizhan is a leader of paper making machine industry, which own professional team and advanced technology, Drum Pulper and D Type Hydrapulper are both typical products with high pulping efficiency and low price in Leizhan pulping equipment, have good effect of pulp and low energy consumption.