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Dryer Cylinder For Paper Machine Dryer Section


    dryer cylinder for paper machine dryer section

    Paper machine Dryer Cylinder is used on dryer section to move the water of paper, the paper is putted on the surface of dryer cylinder and run at high speed, and the most presence of water in the paper will evaporate into steam, at last, the dryness of paper will reach 92%-95%.

    The Structure Of Dryer Cylinder

    Cylinder dryer, heads and journals are made of special cast iron. Separate journals are bolted onto the dryer heads, Dryer shells are ground on the outside and turned on the inside, while all dryer journals with steam or condensate pipes have insulation sleeves.

    The main parts of cylinder dryer include: shell,dryer bars,syphon, manhole cover, shell head, spherical roller bearing, steam joint ,etc

    The inner surface have grooves for the stationary siphones, the front side ends of all dryers contain manholes.

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