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Factors Affecting The Efficiency Of Hydrapulper



    Hydrapulper is the main equipment to deal with the pulp board, waste paper and broken paper, rational utilization can maximum give play to it’s advantages, here are the factors affecting the efficiency of hydrapulper.


    1. Temperature:
    After improve temperature, waste paper is softened, the slurry absorbs moisture and dissolves easily, especially those heavily sizing paper or printing paper with ink. Besides, the viscosity of pulp decreases with increasing temperature, has good fluidity,then promotes the shredder of pulp.


    2. Consistency:
    In the case that slurry cycle is good, it is advantageous to increase the concentration of dissolving. Experimentally, the concentration has a liner relationship to power consumption, however, the energy consumption per unit output decreases with the increase of concentration, and has little influence to pulping effect and pulping time.


    3. Pulping Time:
    Under certain operating conditions, there must be an effective broken interval, beyong this interval, the improment of relieve rate is very small; It is not economical to attempt to extend the time to improve the shredder effect. Therefore, the shredder time must be controlled so that it can operate within a valid time range.


    4. Raw Material Character:
    Due to the different treatment of water and swelling ability and fiber binding ability, the effect of the shredder is different. It is indicated that different size of slurry is different in the same time


    The control of these factors affecting hydrapulper efficiency is very important, any more question, feel free to consult us: