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How To Improve Original Paper Softness?


    How To Change Original Paper Softness

    There are many factors affecting the softness performance of paper for daily use, including the type of pulp, the beating process, the papermaking process, etc. The details as below.


    How To Reduce Paper Softness


    1. Pulp ratio: using more short fiber and oak pulp will reduce the softness of original paper.
    2. Pulp beating: Pulp refining machine refiner high power, high current, small amount of passage will improve the softness of original paper, on the contrary reduce.
    3. Dryer surface coating and dryer temperature, the using angle of wrinkle doctor blade can control the good or bad of dryer surface coating, good coating can well control original paper wrinkles, the high and low of the angle of wrinkle doctor blade, dryer temperature decide the good or bad of dryer surface coating and finished paper moisture content.
    4. Chemical medicine additive use: Using softener can improve the fell of original paper and reduce original paper softness.


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