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How To Choose The Raw Material To Produce Toilet Paper?


    how to choose the raw material to produce toilet paper

    There are many kinds of raw material can used to produce toilet paper, such as cotton pulp, wheat straw pulp, reed pulp, bagasse pulp, virgin wood pulp, waste paper pulp, etc. Some adopt 100% cotton pulp, straw pulp, wood pulp to produce toilet paper, and some adopt different ratio mixed pulp to produce. For example, 30% bagasse pulp and 70% waste paper.


    Different Raw Material To Produce Toilet Paper

    The variety of pulp decide the paper’s level to a great extent.
    Cotton pulp: The toilet paper use cotton pulp has long fiber, high fiber content, high strength, good softness and water-absorbing quality;
    Wheat straw pulp: wheat straw has short fiber, and many parenchyma cell, lower strength, lower softness, and lower water-absorbing quality;
    Waste paper: Waste paper and book through boil has better softness than beat it to pulp directly, this is because the glue, resin, adhesive in waste paper is dissolved in liquid, and discharged during pulp cleaning process. The combination of the fiber is loose, improve the softness of toilet paper.


    The selection of raw material to produce toilet paper is different according to the demand and market of paper mill, if you have any need, welcome to sent email to us: Our professional engineer will design the corresponding project for you.