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Hydrapulper In Toilet Paper Pulping Line


Typically, middle consistency hydrapulper is used for pulping wood pulp or virgin pulp and other clean raw materials to produce toiler paper,facial tissue paper or handtowel paper,etc. The hydrapulper utilized intermittent beating to ensure that the paper meets the expected quality requirements. Energy-saving S type rotor,adjustable gap between rotor and sieve plate guarantee the pulping effect.


Data Of Middle Consistency Hydrapulper


Material: SS304
Normal volume: 10-90m³
Consistency: 5-8%
Capacity: 40-800t/d
Motor power: 90-800kw


Leizhan Paper Machinery Company can manufacture variety of hydrapulper in paper making line, such us D type hydrapulper, drum pulper and high consisency hydrapulper. Do you have an idea to recycling waste paper or change old paper production line? Email me to get more details. Email address: