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Paper Machine Press Felt And Fabrics


    Paper Machine Press Felt And Fabrics

    paper kinds include cultural paper, kraft paper, corrugated paper, tissue paper, coating paper, etc, every kind paper adopt suitable paper machine to make final paper, but the principle is almost same. Paper making machine is consist of wire part, press part, drying part, calendering part etc, the function of paper machine felt is in charge of removing water from wet paper. Therefore, the basic function requirements of paper making felt as following:


    Paper Machine Press Felt Basic Function


    1. As intermediate medium conveying wet paper;
    2. Removing most water from wet paper;
    3. Improving the surface smoothness of wet paper.


    Leizhan Supply Paper Making Press Felt Competitive Advantages


    1. High dehydration: Removing as much moisture as possible;
    2. Wet paper and paper machine felt close together, stable conveying wet paper;
    3. Never appear serpentine, deviation, vibration, wrinkle phenomenon;
    4. Good wear resistance, not easy to shed;
    5. Short adaptation time can reach fastest speed;
    6. Don’t produce paper machine felt trace and on paper surface;
    7. Good elasticity, high strength, small shrinking percentage, antibacterial and acid and alkali corrosion resistance.


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