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Paper Making Crescent Tissue Machine


    Paper Making Crescent Tissue Machine

    The customer signed crescent tissue paper making project with our company. The crescent tissue paper making machine is composed of double-layer bleaching headbox, crescent former, vacuum roller, yankee dryer, high speed hot air hood and paper reeling machine. Based on the customer’s requirements for raw materials and output, we formulate a design plan.


    Design Data of Crescent Tissue Paper Machine


    Production paper: high-grade household paper/ tissue paper/ toilet paper
    Paper making raw material: NBKP/LBKP bleached kraft pulp
    Basis weight: 11-25g/㎡
    Production capacity: 80t/d
    Gauge: 4500mm


    Crescent Tissue Paper Making Pulping Line


    Chain Conveyor: conveying raw materils to pulper.
    Middle Consistency Hydrapulper: pulping raw materials.
    High Density Cleaner: remove impurities in the pulp.
    Middle Consistency Pressure Screen: coarse and fine screening of various waste paper pulp.
    Double Disc Refiner: improve the beating degree of paper pulp.


    A complete crescent tissue paper making line include paper pulp making and paper making machine. If you want to know more about paper making crescent tissue machine, please feel free to contact us. Email address: