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Paper Plate Making Machine


    paper plate making machine

    Leizhan supply the whole set of paper plate pulping line, the specific information is as below:

    Paper Plate Pulp Equipment

    Chain Conveyor: Conveying waste paper in bundles
    Bale Breaker: Breaking waste paper bales
    Drum Pulper(D Type Hydrapulper): Add water and chemicals to waste paper pulping.
    High Density Cleaner: Removing the heavy impurities in pulp used after Hydrapulper.
    M.C.Pressure Screen Machine: Pulp coarse and fine screening
    Light Impurity Separator(Apple Screen): Dealing with light impurities and tailing in coarse screening section.
    Reject Separating Machine: Relief fiber and separate tailing from Apple Screen.
    Low Density Cleaner: Removing heavy impurities after coarse screening.

    Leizhan supply all kinds of paper pulping line and paper machine for paper mill, such as kraft/corrugated/toilet/napkin/facial/cultural paper, etc, welcome to consult us for more details: